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Web Developer, Mathematics Teacher, Content-writer

Hello there, My name is Sandeep Bhagat. I'm 25 years old from India. I have completed my graduation in software engineering. I'm a part time software developer. Beside from that I'm a content writer and I love writing. I'm a Mathematics Teacher since last 7 Years.
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Sandeep Bhagat (born December 18, 1997) is an Indian SOftware engineer. He has completed his graduation in the field of Software engineering in 2020. He design all kinds of websites, appications(Chat Application, video calling appliaction etc).He also like content-writing. He is doing content-writing since last 4 years. His self written stories will be uploaded on this website soon. Beside form that he also like doing Mathematics and He is teaching students science last 8 years.In 2020, he was cracked BHU(Banarash Hindu University) enterance exam with all India rank 564.

Name Sandeep Bhagat
Born December 18, 1997
Occupation Software Engineer, Mathematics Teacher, Content-Writer
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu
Experiances 2 years in Software Field, 8 Years as Mathematics Teacher, 4 years as Content-Writer.
Website www.sandeepbahgat.com